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The album was written and recorded in eight days with twelve tracks making the final minimize. In June 2008, The-Dream was named Best New Artist on the BET Awards. To make sure, there will be throngs of indignant women who will decry me for plunging a stake into the center of holy matrimony. “My husband is my lifeline,” I’ve heard mentioned (and that’s bad information for the aorta).

Build your dream marriage half 1: Reconnect your disconnected relationship

“My husband and I by no means battle” is one other marital chestnut — once more, bad news (not to mention an enormous fats lie), since in accordance with the experts, the strongest relationships are the ones during which people can regularly conform to disagree. “My husband is my best friend,” others will aver. I had what appeared to be a blossoming romance on Dream-Singles with a young girl. On the day I located the reality she had despatched me a letter explaining her hidden life.